Frequently Asked Questions

For a prompt reply, we recommend you read our FAQ below prior to contacting us.

Do I need to pre-book? Opening hours?

All our activities are on a pre-booked basis only. We suggest you book online or call us before travelling to us. We rarely can accommodate walk-ins. We can open any day of the year but on a strict pre-booked basis only.

What should I wear?

You should dress for the elements and the prevailing weather. If partaking in an active activity, we recommend clothes that are older, you don’t mind getting a little dirty and that you can move in.

What age do I need to be?

A driver should be 15 years of age or older on the day of the experience. However, we may permit younger persons in the driver’s seat, at the discretion of the instructor on the day. This highly depends on the person’s age and height, and they may be required to sit with a driver who is over 15 years of age. If you wish for anyone under the age of 15 to drive, we recommend you call us when booking or prior to purchasing a voucher to discuss your requirements. At all our times, our instructor’s decision on a driving day is final.

Do you charge for extra drivers?

No, additional drivers are welcome without charge. However, please note that the drive time for each additional driver will be shorter. If you intend for there to be more than one driver, please tell us when you book your day.

Where are you located?

You’ll find our address and location here.

How many people does the tank accomodate?

The tank can accommodate 6 people, one of whom is the instructor.

Do I need a drivers license?

No. You do not require a driving license or permit to drive a tank.

Do I need insurance?

No. We provide all insurance and equipment. You will be driving on a closed course under expert guidance.

Do I need driving experience?

No. You do not even need to know how to drive a car.

Is the tank manual or automatic shift / gears?

The tank is fully automatic. There is no need to change gears.

What type of tank is it?

The tank is a tracked Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC) known as an FV432. There are two crew positions, the driver and the instructor. When driving, you will always be under the guidance of the instructor.

Do you have showers & toilets?

We currently do not offer showers at our facility. We have both males and female toilets onsite.

Any reason I could not drive?

You should be in good health without any significant heart and history of orthopaedic injuries (e.g. Bad back). You will be required to sign a waiver hence you should seek medical advice before booking if you feel there is any reason you should not drive a tank.

Is the tank accessible or wheel chair friendly?

The tank is a tight space that requires some mobility. That said, we are happy to make accommodations where we can and we would encourage you to contact us for a chat regarding your individual requirements. Please note, we are located in forested areas with gravel / mud paths.

Are there driving restrictions?

A few. You cannot be under the influence of or impaired by any substance, including alcohol, prior to and during the tank experience. There is a strict no refund policy if you arrive under the influence. Spectators must likewise be sober. The consumption of any substance, including alcohol, is not permitted by anyone whilst undertaking the driving experience.


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