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How old does a driver need to be?

A driver should be 15 years of age or older on the day of the experience. However, we may permit younger persons in the driver’s seat, at the discretion of the instructor on the day. This highly depends on the person’s age and height, and they may be required to sit with a driver who is over 15 years of age. If you wish for anyone under the age of 15 to drive, we recommend you call us when booking or prior to purchasing a voucher to discuss your requirements. At all our times, our instructor’s decision on a driving day is final.

Do you charge for additional drivers?

No, additional drivers are welcome without charge. However, please note that the drive time for each additional driver will be shorter. If you intend for there to be more than one driver, please tell us when you book your day.

What days and when do you operate?

We operate throughout the year on a pre-booked basis only. Generally speaking, we are most busy on weekends but we can accommodate during the week and during holiday periods. All bookings must be made in advance via our online form.

Where are you located?

We are based near Roundwood, Co. Wicklow about 15 mins from the M50 and Bray. Please click here for directions.

How long are vouchers valid for?

Vouchers are valid for one year from the date of purchase.

How many people can the tank accommodate?

The tank can accommodate 6 people, one of whom is the instructor.

Do I need a drivers license?

No. You do not require a driving license or permit to drive a tank.

Do I need insurance?

No. We provide all insurance and equipment. You will be driving on a closed course under expert guidance.

Do I need driving experience?

No. You do not even need to know how to drive a car.

Is the tank automatic or manual/stick shift?

The tank is fully automatic. There is no need to change gears.

What should I wear?

While driving, you will be exposed to the elements via an open cab. Likewise, where we are located can be muddy depending on the weather. You should dress accordingly and for the prevailing weather. We recommend a warm coat or fleece on cooler days and suitable outdoor shoes. Do not wear flip-flops or high heels as you will not be permitted on the tank.

What type of tank is it?

The tank is a tracked Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC) known as an FV432. There are two crew positions, the driver and the instructor. When driving, you will always be under the guidance of the instructor.

Any reason I couldn’t drive a tank?

You should be in good health without any significant heart and history of orthopaedic injuries (e.g. Bad back). You will be required to sign a waiver hence you should seek medical advice before booking if you feel there is any reason you should not drive a tank.

Any height or weight restrictions?

No. Anyone and everyone are welcome to drive. Please see our age requirements on this page for specifics relating to drivers under the age of 15.

Can spectators drive?

No. Spectators may only sit in the rear of the tank and take photos when and where they are instructed it is safe to do so. When booking, only the number of drivers indicated in the booking will be permitted to drive. Additional drivers are welcome without additional charge but please tell us when you book so we can plan your day.

Can spectators take photos?

Yes, they can! However, the course is closed in areas so you will only be able to take photos in certain areas.

Can I bring a Go Pro or similar camera?

Yes, but you cannot use glue or a sticky pad to attach it to anything. You must use a suction cup and the Tank.ie team have the final say as if and to where it can be placed. You are responsible for its security and Tank.ie cannot be responsible for anything that happens to it. You use it as your own risk. Tank.ie also asks that you link any footage to us 🙂

Can I use a drone?

Please contact us prior to booking to discuss your requirements. 

Can I use photos or videos commercially?

No, any photos or footage you take cannot be used commercially without prior approval.

How many spectators can I bring?

You can bring as many spectators as you wish but only 6 persons, one of which will be the driver and the other is an instructor, can be in the tank at one time. We recommend you keep your party size between 4 and 6 persons. 

Any age restrictions for spectators?

A tank is noisy and can be a somewhat claustrophobic space. Spectators are welcome from any age but children under 10 must be accompanied, at all times, by an adult that is not driving.

Is the tank accessible or wheel-chair friendly?

The tank is a tight space that requires some mobility. That said, we are happy to make accommodations where we can and we would encourage you to contact us for a chat regarding your individual requirements.

Any restrictions as to when I can drive?

A few. You cannot be under the influence of or impaired by any substance, including alcohol, prior to and during the tank experience. There is a strict no refund policy if you arrive under the influence. Spectators must likewise be sober. The consumption of any substance, including alcohol, is not permitted by anyone whilst undertaking the Tank.ie experience.

What course will I drive?

Depending on the weather, and the usage of the course, the exact route you take may vary. If more than one driver is booked, you may repeat the same course.

Can I bring something to crush or destroy?

Generally yes, but it depends. Once you have made a booking, please contact us here and we will discuss your requirements/desires. As some ground rules:

  • It can’t be flammable or liable to explode e.g. Fire extinguisher.
  • It cannot create a flame or generate a loud noise.
  • It can’t be sharp, pointy or a risk to handle.
  • It can’t be pressurised, under vacuum or sealed e.g. Lightbulbs, Tubes etc.
  • It can’t be poisonous or pose a danger to wildlife.
  • It can’t be alive or be of use in the medical field (Seriously, someone asked)
  • It cannot pose a risk to our tank or the persons operating it.
  • One person must be capable of comfortably carrying it.
  • You must bring the article with you and likewise carry it away with you upon completion of the day. You cannot leave the article at our location.
  • Tank.ie, at their sole discretion, may impose a cleanup or disposal fee.

You must seek and be granted approval from the team prior to being allowed to crush or destroy an object during your experience.


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