Wicklow’s Best Day OUt

We’re taking a very different approach to this tank driving adventure. Take on our dips, berms, straughts and narrows on a custom course. Forget being a spectator, you will be driving and operating over 15 tons of machinery.

You're The Driver

Forget experiences where you drive for 10 minutes. You’ll be driving every inch of the course yourself under expert guidance.

Spectators Welcome

Bring your friends to watch and take photos. They can ride along inside this amazing piece of machinery while you take the drivers seat.


Full Throttle

You will be given full instruction from an ex-British army instructor. You won’t just drive, you’ll learn everything about this machine.

Battle Minutes


mm of Armour

Tons of Tank

Take the controls of a tank.

What More Do You Want?

Bumps, Hills & Water

We keep it mucky and interesting on our course. From your perch on the top of this beast, you’ll tackle inclines, dips, water and bumps. Did we mention the addition of a little speed?

Bring the Family (or not)

Tanks make excellent family carriers but are a little tricky on the school run. Saddle up with four of your (bravest) friends in the back and hit the course.

No Restrictions

We’re located in the middle of nowhere. Which for most people is a problem, but not us.┬áProvided your not under the influence or endangering yourself (or the local wildlife) we’re happy for you to take it up a notch. It’s a tank after all and tanks go hand in hand with fun.
“The Only Tank Driving Experience Worth Booking. Period.”

Niamh. M

Testimonials & Reviews

(From Brave Souls)

Incredible fun. We brought the office. One of us driving, the rest of us in the back for the ride along. Amazing, will definetely be back.

Niall Smith, Dublin

Mucky, loud and an absolute blast. The highlight of the stag and the year I dare say. Do it, you won't regret it.

Michael, Athlone.

As Jeremy Clarkson would say 'Pooooowwweeerr!' Simply the best driving experience in the country. Ample time to learn and tackle the course. Thanks lads!

John, Carlow

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